Southeast University and Yale University Jointly Established Social Justice and Human Morality Development Research Center

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On December 15 afternoon, the Institute of Morality Development in Southeast University held a cooperationsigning ceremony with Global Justice Research Center in Yale University for jointly establishing Social Justice and Human Morality Development Research Center. Professor Fan Heping, the dean of the Institute of Morality Development in Southeast University, director of the Humanities and Social Sciences Department, and Professor Thomas Pogge, the director of the Global Justice Research Center in Yale University have signed the cooperation agreement respectively. Some experts from the Institute of Morality Development attended the signing ceremony.

The Global Justice Research Center in Yale University is a very influential international research institute aiming at promoting international cooperation in the human morality issue and trying toinfluence the formulation of foreign-policiesand the international organizations' arrangements with the global justice concept. Professor Thomas Pogge, director of the Center, whose teacher is John Rawls, a famous contemporary Western ethicists,is currently a professor in Renner Philosophy and International Affairs at Yale University in the United States, a research director in Nature and Soul Research Center at University of Oslo in Norway, a political philosophy professorat the Professional Ethics Center in the University of Central Lancashire, and an academician in Norwegian Academy of Sciences. His research interests include ethics, social philosophy and political philosophy. He is particular interested in global justice issues such as the impoverished people in the world and the public health, illegal economic flows and climate warming.

According to the cooperation agreement, Professor Fan Heping and Professor Thomas Pogge are hired as co-director. Both parties has promised to hold at least one large-scale high-level joint meeting every year during the cooperation and strive to promote the international academic communication with the issue of social justice and human morality development, and strengthen the promotion ofscientific research achievements.At the same time, they will send outstanding teachers and students to conduct academic visits in the short term to supportfor training senior personnel and enhancing innovation ability in the research center.

Southeast University and Yale University have cooperated for a long time. Southeast University have sent outstanding teachers and students to Yale University for academic visits. Professor Thomas Pogge have visited China for many times and is hired as a visiting professor in Southeast University. The establishment of the research center is not only an opportunity for docking the global justice concept of Global Justice Research Center with Chinese society, but also the key for the Chinese style concept going into the world's human moralilty development, so as to achieve complement of both sides and win-win cooperation to jointly promote the development of social justice and human morality and work together to build a community of the whole human beings.



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