November 21 Speech: Famous Scholar Dashan’ s Sharing Session——Crosstalk VS Talk Show

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When: 18:30, November21 (Tuesday)


Where: J3-105


Theme: Dashan s Sharing Session: Crosstalk VS Talk Show


Speaker: Dashan (Famous international scholar, compere, crosstalk performer)


About the Speaker:

Mark Rowswell is an international friend that the Chinese audiences know well. The People's Daily Overseas Edition once said: Although Mark Rowswell is a foreigner, heis not an outsider. He was admitted to University of Toronto, Department of East Asian and beganChinese studies in 1984, after graduating in 1988 he continued to study in Department of Chinese Language and Literature of Peking Universityas a government supported overseas student. He took part in the variety show produced by China Central Television, and acted as a Chinese youth named Dashan in the skit performance. His excellent performance made his name known overnight. After that, he changed his Chinese name to Dashan, and studied crosstalk with Jiang Kun, a well-known performing artist of crosstalk. In the winter of 1989, Dashan officially became the first Chinese foreign crosstalk actor. The work of Dashan involves many fields, such as culture, education, commerce and public welfare. During the 29 years in China, Dashan has gradually developed into an all-round Chinese and foreign envoy of friendship.

Dashan was named Beijing Ten Outstanding Youths in 2004, and became the first foreigner to receive this honor. In 2006 he was awarded “The Order of Canada”, the highest award for lifetime achievement in Canada; Dashan served as the Canadian Olympic Committee envoy during Beijing Olympics in 2008. In 2010, Dashan was appointed as the Canada general representative of Shanghai World Expo. The Prime Minister of Canada announced in 2012, Dashan has used his extraordinary talent to create a bridge of understanding for Canada and Chinafor many years. I am very pleased to appoint the famous and respectable figure as a Canadian goodwill ambassador in China”.


Recommend Reason:

As a most frequent foreign guest of Spring Festival Gala Show and the first foreigner in the crosstalk family, Dashan works as a bridge between Chinese and Western culture, and has become an all-round Chinese and foreign envoy of friendship. In this lecture, Dashan will combine Chinese monologue comic talk with western stand-up comedy, and share his reflection on Chinese and western culture. 



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