Students of SEU Won the Best Student Paper Award

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Recently, after the rigorous selection of IEEEInternational Conference on ASIC 2017 (ASICON 2017) Judging Committee, the paper “Uniform Belief Propagation Processor for Massive MIMO Detectors and GF(2n) LDPC Decoders”written by students from School of Information Science and Engineering of Southeast University won the Best Student Paper Award. This is the second consecutive year when the School of Information Science and Engineering has won the award.

ASICON is held in China every two years and is the largest and most influential international conference on integrated circuit design, CAD technology, solid state devices and processes. The purpose of the conference is to strengthen international academic exchanges and promote the continuous improvement of integrated circuit technology, and to provide a good platform for the combination of academy and research. The ASICON was held in Guiyang in October 25 to 28, more than 400 representatives of academia and industry from over 20 countries and regions attended, discussed the development and application of integrated circuit technologies.  

The first author of the winning paper was Jing Shusen from School of Information Science and Engineering, Yu Anlan and Liang Xiao were the second and third authors respectively, and the corresponding author was Associate Professor Zhang Chuan. Jing Shusen has published 8 papers of EI essay, has 6 accepted patents, and has participated in the IEEE International Conference and read his papers. His undergraduate thesis 5G-efficient joint detection and decoding research won the 2017 Southeast University Outstanding Graduation Thesis. This work is a further advance on the basis of his dissertation and previous work, and puts forward a unified hardware design method. The work was funded by the National Natural Science Foundation of China, Chinese-foreign Cooperation Project of Ministry of Science and Technology, Natural Science Foundation of Jiangsu Province, Intel ICRI-MNC and other related projects.



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