October 27th Speech: Dean of College of Humanities of Xiamen University Zhu Jing: Four Basic Issues about Artificial Intelligent

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When: 18:30, October 27 (Friday)


Where: J3-105


Theme: Four Basic Issues about Artificial Intelligent


Speaker: Zhu Jing (Dean of College of Humanities of Xiamen University, distinguished professor of Chang Jiang Scholars Program started by Ministry of Education)


About the Speaker:

Professor Zhu Jing graduated from University of Science and Technology of China(Bachelor of Computer Science and Technology), Graduate University of Chinese Academy of Sciences(Master of Philosophy), and University of Waterloo(Doctor of Philosophy). He is also a postdoctoral visiting scholar in Department of Philosophy of Florida State University and Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience at University of London. He once worked at Graduate University of Chinese Academy of Sciences(1994-1997, 2003-2006), and is professor and doctoral supervisor of Department of Philosophy and Institute of Logic and Cognition of Sun Yat-sen University. He was a member of “Hundred Talents Program” of Sun Yat-sen University, and distinguished professor of Chang Jiang Scholars Program started by Ministry of Education.

Professor Zhu Jing also works as vice chairman of Chinese Society of Epistemology, executive director of Chinese Philosophy of Science Association, executive director and deputy secretary general of Chinese Philosophy of Engineering, member of Professional Analysis Committee of Chinese Modern Philosophy of Foreign Languages, etc.. He is a member of editorial board of the Journal of Studies in Logic, Journal of Dialectics of Nature, Studies in Philosophy of Science and Technology, World Philosophy, etc.. Prof. Zhu is a member of Advisory Committee of The Norman Kretzmann Institute for Morality and Belief of Wuhan University, researcher of The Alvin Plantinga Center for Human Values of Peking University, visiting professor of Institute of Philosophy of Mind and Cognition of National Yang Ming University, and professor of Institute of Modern Logic and Application of Renmin University of China. He was also contributing editor to journals such as Philosophical Psychology, Philosophy Compass, Philosophia, History and Philosophy of Psychology, Frontiers of Philosophy in China, Social Sciences in China, Modern Philosophy, National Taiwan University Philosophical Review, Soochow Journal of Philosophical Studies, and Chinese Journal of Philosophy, etc..

Professor Zhu has published over 20 research articles and book reviews in international journals of philosophy and cognition science such as Philosophical Studies, Synthese, Canadian Journal of Philosophy, Journal of Consciousness Studies, Consciousness and Cognition, Philosophical Psychology, and International Journal for the Psychology of Religion. Some of his articles were cited for hundreds of times by oversea scholars including academicians of the United States National Academy of Sciences, and members of the Royal Society, and some were chosen as reading materials for postgraduate courses by scholars of UK, Germany, France, Japan, and Brazil. His monograph The Conative Mind: Volition and Actionwas published by LAP Lambert Academic Publishing (Saarbrücken, Germany) in May 2012, and his translation of Mind was published by Shanghai Cishu Press.


Recommend Reason:

Prof. Zhu’s academic research is close to the tendency of the day and features interdisciplinary studies. His research articles published in international journals of philosophy and cognition science were widely cited by scholars of different fields. His research has a deep international influence. In this lecture, Prof. Zhu will combine the reflection of traditional philosophy with the development of modern cognitive science, and introduce the the latest advances of artificial intelligence research.



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